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Workout Generator – Types of Workouts

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Workout Generator – Types of Workouts Hero image

Workout Generator – Types of Workouts

By: Preston Moore

March 18th, 2023

The ATP Workout Generator offers several different workout types to choose from with a few more that are in development. Currently, we offer workouts for general fitness, circuit training, metabolic conditioning, stretching, no equipment, powerbuilding, powerlifting and hypertrophy. While any of these workouts can help you to get in better shape and improve your fitness, there are some differences between them, which we will outline below.

General Fitness

As the name implies, the general fitness workout is a great place to start to get a little bit of everything.  This program has the largest pool of exercises, and hence, has the widest possible variation of workouts that you can generate.  The general fitness workout will include more traditional gym exercises, such as dumbbell curls, bench press, and crunches, as well as less common variations such as the Hyght dumbbell fly, frog pumps, and twisting mountain climbers, among others. So, you will get a good mix of traditional exercises and also less common and more coordination demanding exercise.  These exercises will help you to build more strength, burn calories and improve your coordination by exposing you to new movements. This workout can also help you to improve your mobility by challenging you with new exercises. The general fitness workout can also include bodyweight exercises. So, if you are looking for some fun, new exercises to try out, this workout would definitely fit the bill.

Circuit Training

A circuit training workout is typified by organizing multiple exercise into a circuit where you perform one set of an exercise immediately followed by a different exercise, until all the exercises in the circuit are completed. You can then take a rest before completing a second set of the circuit. By structuring your workout in this fashion, circuit training can be an effective way to improve the strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health of any individual. Because of the fast-paced nature of circuit training, with completing a lot of work in a short amount of tie, circuit training is a great way to burn calories and increase muscular strength in a short time.

Typically, the exercises chosen for a circuit are going to be for different body parts.  This is done to manage the amount of local fatigue accumulated in any single body part.  For instance, if you were to do three bicep exercises in a row, without resting, your biceps would likely be extremely fatigued by third exercise that you would not be able to use a weight that would be sufficiently stimulating to improve your fitness.

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning workouts are designed to increase an individual's ability to use oxygen effectively and to burn fat more efficiently. They usually involve short, high-intensity bursts of exercise interspersed with rest periods. This type of workout is designed to challenge the body and push it to its limits, while still allowing for recovery and growth. These types of workouts can help improve cardiovascular endurance, strength, speed, and overall fitness.

Metabolic conditioning workouts are structured with various cardiovascular activities, resistance training movement and calisthenics. In addition to adding a bit of variety to your workout, this structure will help you to improve a variety of fitness attributes with a primary focus on burning calories and improving your endurance.


While a stretching routine may not directly improve your strength, muscularity, or improve your endurance, it can certainly be a beneficial component to your fitness program. Stretching is an important part of any fitness program as it helps to increase flexibility, improve posture, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance overall performance. Stretching can also reduce stress and tension, improve circulation, and improve range of motion in joints. Additionally, stretching can help to reduce muscular soreness and improve mobility.

The ATP Fitness stretching workout will guide you through a series of stretches designed to target your upper body, lower body, and core. There are hundreds of stretches available what will be utilized when generating your stretching workout.  Most of the exercises don’t require the use of equipment. For most of the stretches, all you will need is some space.

No Equipment Workout

A workout with no equipment is a great way to stay active and stay healthy without having to buy any extra materials. This type of workout is also convenient and can be done almost anywhere since you don't need any weights or machines. With no equipment, you can focus on bodyweight exercises such as squats, push-ups, crunches, and more. These exercises can be modified to fit any fitness level, so you can adjust them to your skill and comfort level. Additionally, no equipment workouts don’t require you to purchase expensive fitness products, which is a great benefit for those on a budget.

Since you will not be using any equipment during this workout, the workout will be a bit different, but you will certainly be able to get a lot accomplished and get in an effective workout.

When doing a no equipment workout, it is important to choose the correct level of difficulty when making your way through the exercise generate in the ATP Workout Generator App, as this will determine which exercises will be most appropriate for you. With traditional gym exercise, the difficulty of the exercise can be easily changed by adjusting the weight. With bodyweight exercises, the difficulty of the exercise is generally determined by leverage, and hence, is not easily adjustable.


Powerbuilding workouts are an ideal choice for those who want to increase strength and size. This type of workout combines elements of powerlifting and bodybuilding, allowing for a comprehensive approach to strength and muscle growth. Powerbuilding workouts focus on compound movements, such as squats, deadlifts, and presses, that work multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. Powerbuilding workouts also include isolation exercises to target specific muscle groups, such as the biceps, triceps and calves. These workouts are designed to help you build strength and muscle size quickly and efficiently, making them great for those looking to maximize their size and strength gains.

A Powerbuilding workout will start off with your main lift (squat, bench press, or deadlift) and will then be followed by bodybuilding type exercises for your upper body or lower body.  This will allow you to get strong in the main lift and increase muscle size.


Powerlifting is a popular workout for those looking to build strength and power without targeting muscle size or increase muscular endurance. It is a great way to get stronger and improve overall fitness. Powerlifting exercises are designed to target the major muscle groups with compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press. These exercises challenge the body to lift heavier weights in the lower rep ranges and build muscle mass, which can also improve strength, agility, and power. Powerlifting also provides an intense full-body workout experience that can help burn calories and build muscle. Additionally, powerlifting can be a great way to test yourself and gain mental toughness. It encourages you to push yourself to new limits and break through personal barriers while having an enjoyable and rewarding workout.

Your powerlifting workout will start with main movement of your choice (squat, bench press, or deadlift).  Your next lift will be a supplemental exercise that is designed to target a specific weak point in the main lift.  For example, you may have wide grip bench press, if your chest is your weak point, or pause squats, deficit deadlifts, etc. The supplemental lift will be followed by accessory lifts that will indirectly help you to increase the strength of your main lift.

Powerlifting workouts are generally performed at a higher intensity with a lower rep range and a longer rest in between each set. This allows you to give the maximum amount of focus to every set and present and adequate stimulus to your muscle a neuromuscular system to promote strength adaptations.


A hypertrophy workout is ideal for anyone looking to primarily gain muscle mass. This type of workout focuses on performing exercises with heavier and moderate weights with a variable rep range, which helps to stimulate muscle growth. It also helps to improve physical performance, as the heavier weights can help increase strength and power. Ultimately, a hypertrophy workout will help to improve overall muscle size, while also increasing strength, which can be beneficial for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone looking to increase their muscle mass.

Our muscle building workout includes a variety of exercises that targets the muscle(s) of your choice. Depending on which muscles you choose to workout, the exercises will include compound and isolation exercises. Compound movements not only target multiple muscle groups at once, but they also provide the greatest stimulus to the muscles and can be used to increase overall strength. Isolation exercises, such as bicep curls and tricep extensions, can also be included to further isolate and target specific muscle groups. Additionally, exercises that incorporate machines, such as chest presses and leg presses, can be beneficial as they allow the user to safely lift heavier weights and increase the intensity of the workout.

The ATP Workout Generator App has a variety of different workouts to choose from that can help you strive to your fitness goals. Whether you want to build muscle, get stronger or just get more fit, the app can easily generator a new, fun and engaging workout for you in seconds.  Also, with our 1,000+ exercise, we are the perfect app if you easily get bored in the gym and are always looking for something new.

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